How is mymedicalimages different from keeping copies of my CDs in Dropbox or other cloud based storage services?

Answer: There is a considerable difference between using mymedicalimages and applications like Dropbox to view, share and manage all your family’s medical images.


The biggest goes to mymedicalimages being developed solely for the purpose of allowing patients and health care providers to view, share and manage medical images.


Dropbox is for storing and sharing files, not solely medical image files, and unlike mymedicalimages, Dropbox currently gives you 2 GB of storage before charging as much as $19.99 per month. Dropbox does not provide a means for viewing DICOM formatted images, so you would need to find and download a DICOM viewer to view medical images stored on Dropbox. If you ever wanted to share your images with anyone, they would also need a DICOM viewer installed on their device and a willingness to join Dropbox.


We’ve made it simple, and that’s because we know medical imaging. We know the need to share and view images at times of need and without the hassle of using multiple applications. You should never expect others with whom you are sharing your medical images to be troubled with figuring out how to view them.


Finally, with mymedicalimages you can have peace of mind knowing when and with whom you’ve shared your medical images and when they viewed them. You may also revoke their access with a single button.