How do I request images from a provider?

Answer: There are a few ways to request images from your medical providers. You can use our Request Images form OR request a CD from your provider so you may manually upload the images into your account.


To use the Request Images form, you must be logged in to your mymedicalimages account.


Once you are logged in:

1. Click on the  icon located on the top left side of your screen.

2. Choose the “Requested Images” option.

3. Fill out the form with your provider’s name and email address.

4. Click Send



This form will send the provider an email with details on how to either:

A. Upload the images directly into your account.

B. DICOM send the images directly from their PACS systems into your account.


If you would like to request a CD, you will have to contact your provider directly.

mymedicalimages is a web based application, and as such, we do not distribute physical copies of your images.