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“I would like to share my experience with mymedicalimages.com. During the past week, I had an NFL trainer reach out to me regarding a foot and ankle issue in the team organization. He sent me images on discs by FedEx. This required approximately a 36-hour delay in getting the images, uploading them on our system, and then reviewing the images. Subsequent to seeing these, I asked him to provide me with an updated MRI. The following day, he had his MRI, and within one hour, he had shared the images through the mymedicalimages.com platform. He was relieved in the responsiveness of my care, but also the expediency by which he was able to share images with no issues. This is the benefit of such a system. I was able to review the images on my phone, and then share them with all of my colleagues on my laptop. Until now, sharing medical images from other institutions has not yet been possible. I see this platform transforming the way we interact with our patients, other physicians, and colleagues.”
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